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SICA Italy

SICA Italy

Its always great to find out the maker of an item to give it more context and place in history. I had the striking modernist design plate for several years before selling it recently, and have recently found out its maker – SICA, Italy.

The information about its origin came  thanks to the very well run facebook group Midcentury Italian Ceramic & Bitossi Collectors

The piece turns out to be made by SICASocietà Italiana Ceramica Artistica – which was founded in Nove, in the province of Vicenza in 1946. It split into 2 companies in 1969 after which the company split into “S.I.C.A.R.T” and “C.A.I.”. They produced a wide range or wares – often mistaken or misattributed as Bitossi – especially the figurines.

The example I had was part of the SICA production.

You can see a wide cross section of the wares made on the facebook group on this page

My favourites though are the modernist designs like the ones below which remind me so much of the painting and artwork of the 1960s.

SICA Italy

SICA Italy – Photo Ray Garrod

SICA Italy

SICA Italy Backstamp with Import Label

SICA Italy

SICA Italy , Photo via Tradera

SICA Italy

SICA Italy, Photo S Kempsen

SICA Italy

SICA Italy, Photo Desiree Jansen

SICA Italy

SICA Italy, Photo D Gitlin

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