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Laholm Pottery, Sweden

According to the Swedish Pottery signatures website, potteries in the town of Laholm Sweden have operated since the 1600’s. The  name “Laholm” was used commercially as a brand name from 1945 when a new pottery was built and opened with that name by a Nils Larsson and family.

Earlier this pottery business had been run by Julius Nilsson until 1923, then by an Anders Larsson to 1931. Anders left the business to his son Olof Larsson and grandson Nils Larsson in 1931 who built the new pottery, and called it “Laholm”

The pottery stayed in the Larsson family hands until 2000 when it closed.

Like many local potteries, they produced mainly domestic utilitarian and decorative pieces like jars, lamps, candle holders, flower pots, vases etc.

The designs I have come across have been made of a red terracotta clay, often with a fajance style white underglaze, and hand-painted overglaze patterns and sometimes carved designs – (much in the style of Tilgmans Sweden). These fajance glazed, overpainted pieces would appear to be from the 1950s or 1960s.

These designs contrast strongly with much of the output from the 1970s, which is heavily textured in dark colours…the trend in pottery at the time.

You can nearly always see an interesting and wide range of Laholm pieces for sale on Etsy HERE 

Laholm is not to be confused with Norwegian pottery Larholm.

Laholm Sweden

Laholm Sweden

Laholm Sweden

Laholm Sweden

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