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Posts from the ‘Unidentified’ Category

Modernist Mystery Bowl

A fantastic modernist design bowl with a striking abstract motif.

It is made from very fine porcelain, and beautifully hand painted – but as to the maker I’m stumped.

I’ve had this piece for several years and as yet haven’t been able to identify the maker.

To me it appears to be of Scandinavian origin. If you recognise the signature or style I would love to hear from you!

Modernist Bowl

Modernist Bowl

Modernist Bowl

Modernist Bowl

Modernist Bowl – mystery signature

Knudsdatter Denmark – Mystery

This maker is a bit of a mystery. While it has a name and cypher, the maker remains unidentified as yet.

The piece was with a number of known Danish pottery items I purchased at auction late last year.

The large stoneware slab formed vessel is quite large with a iron rich brown glaze.

The paper label says “Knudsdatter Stentøj, Made in Denmark” but I havent been able to find anything about this potter or pottery.

I haven’t found  any images online from the maker either – which seems a bit odd given the printed label and cypher which some planning and thought has gone into.

Knudstatter Denmark , Stoneware Vessel

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Italian Vase, To be Identified.

I have started up a new category of posts to this site for “Unidentified” pieces in the hope that eventually someone recognises the maker.

Often the country of origin can by identified, sometimes by style, sometimes by technique or decoration…… but sometimes that is where the trail ends.

Here is the first, a piece which appears to be Italian – but could also be West German. A slip cast, and hand painted vase, 17cm tall. There is a stamped number in the base of the clay, but it is not clear enough to read. The style of numbering though looks Italian.

Italian Vase, c1950s

Italian Vase, c1950s