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Posts from the ‘Judith Onions’ Category

T G Green Sark

This now quite rare series consisted of 5 very bold designs with completely different designs, and one of them was SARK - which I have only ever come across in person once previously. Each of the series was made in several colours - Honey, Grey, Blue, Green, Brown and Orange.

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T G Green Channel Islands Series

Judith Onions had already successfully restyled the Cornish Ware range in 1968 when she was joined by Martin Hunt RDI to design an entirely new range.

They produced four clear, bold and very British designs (each with a very different pattern). They named them after the English Channel Islands Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and later Herm.

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T G Green Cornishware

T.G. Green & Co was originally founded by Thomas Goodwin Green of Boston, Lincolnshire in around 1864 in an existing pottery in Church Gresley, Derbyshire. Most people immediately recognise T G Green by its now iconic blue and white striped "Cornishware". The pottery however produced hundreds of other designs which are less well known.

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