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Figgjo Norway, “Victoria” Pattern

This charming design really brings a smile to the face. It is the Figgjo Norway “Victoria” design by Turi Gramstad Oliver.

This design was only in production from 1973-1974, and is now quite hard to come by.

The design consists of a charming, luxuriant garden scene in purples, yellow, greens and pinks on a bright white ground….. Such a beautiful colour combination.

The design reminds me of many of the very popular “psychedelic” graphics of the late 60’s and 1970s


Figgjo Norway, Victoria Pattern

Figgjo Norway, Victoria Pattern

Figgjo Norway, Victoria Pattern Figgjo Norway, Victoria Pattern

Figgjo Norway, Victoria Pattern

Figgjo Norway, Victoria Pattern Backstamp

Figgjo Norway, Victoria Pattern

Figgjo Norway, Victoria Pattern Backstamp


Washington Pottery, Beefeater and Aquarius Designs

How fantastically psychedelic are these plates!

They are from are series of plates called “Beefeater” – There were 6 plates in this series, and there were also 6 round plates, 6 mugs and 6 bowls with the same designs, but much less commonly found.

Recently I found for the first time some of the fabulous bowls and mugs from the series on Etsy – see below. The design would be from the 1960s or early 1970s – it would be great to know the designer but he or she has not been identified.

Similar in style to the Beefeater plates is a series  called “Aquarius” – on the same plate form as Beefeater, and like the Beefeater plates are quite large (Large enough for a whole fish), again with 6 designs in the series.

While the Beefeater ones have a backstamp for the maker as “English Ironstone Pottery Ltd, Staffordshire” the Aquarius plates have “English Ironstone Tableware, by Washington Pottery, Staffordshire”. I  believe that this is the same company as the address is/was the same for both – (College Rd, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire). Washington Pottery operated from 1946-1973 – and it was common for potteries in England to use a variety of different trade marks.

The Aquarius design series are much harder to find than the Beefeater design.

The Beefeater photos below are all from the Flickr page of “Beetle2001cybergreen” – Clicking the images will take you to the Flickr page for each. Other images are attributed below, and if not attributed they are my images.


Beefeater Plate, Washington Pottery, Staffordshire

Beefeater Bowls, Washington Pottery

Beefeater Bowls, Washington Pottery Image via “divineinfrance”Etsy

Beefeater Plate Backstamp

Beefeater Plate Backstamp

Aquarius Plate Backstamp

Aquarius Plate Backstamp

Beefeater Mugs, Washington Pottery

Beefeater Mugs, Washington Pottery – Image via “BrocanteMitchVintage” on Etsy

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Royal Doulton, Atlantis 1973

Royal Doulton, Atlantis 1973

Royal Doulton released some great dinnerware patterns in the 1970s, and this is one of them.

It is  “Atlantis”, which had quite a short production period from 1973-1978.  To date I haven’t been able to identify its designer – who appears to have designed some of the other designs at Doulton during this period.

It is sometimes referred to by its pattern number “TC 1098”.

“TC” stands for translucent china – and is the first part of the stamp found on dinnerware from 1960 on. It is a translucent white porcelain manufactured without the use of bone ash, and could be manufactured at a much lower cost than that of bone china.

The decorative pattern on Atlantis, with its flourishes and curves reminds me a bit of French Art Nouveau designs by Alphonse Mucha and the like.

The design was complimented with the teapot/coffee pot and other lidded vessels like the casserole dish having a very dark navy blue lid.

I like the shape of the bowls as well with their square line design which is complimented by the addition of a nicely shaped foot detail.

Royal Doulton Atlantis

Royal Doulton Atlantis

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