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Nils Thorsson Løvspring, Royal Copenhagen 1943

With help of a reader in the U.K. who had the design in another shape, It was finally identified when she wrote to Royal Copenhagen who identified the design

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Knud Kyhn

Knud Khyn was a an accomplished Danish painter, draughtsman and ceramic sculptor. My interest in his work lies in his evocative, superbly modelled ceramics.

He worked at Royal Copenhagen over several periods -  c1903-1910, c1924-1932 and c1936-1967.

He also worked at Herman Kähler's Pottery c1920-1924 and also at Bing & Grondahl 1908-1915 and 1933-1935.

His animal figurines capture so so well the mass and expression of his subjects, in addition to capturing the essence of their characters, how they move, and how they play.

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Anne Marie Trolle – Royal Copenhagen

Anne Marie Trolle, Royal Copenhagen

Anne Marie Trolle (b1944- ) was one of the designers under the direction of Nils Thorsson in the group who created the now iconic Baca and Tenera series.

She also produced some very impressive designs for Royal Copenhagen in the 1970s and 1980s.

2 of Anne Marie’s designs which really stand out from the crowd to me are “Floreana” and “Indigo”.

My favourite is the Tea Caddy, from the Floreana series in 1982.

Royal Copenhagen Floreana Tea Caddy

Royal Copenhagen Floreana Tea Caddy

Royal Copenhagen Floreana Tea Caddy

Royal Copenhagen Floreana Tea Caddy

Part of a series of repeated shapes produced in a choice of patterns based on leaves and spotted fruits. Trolle recorded that this was inspired by a study trip to the Galapagos Islands, the decoration – and to some extent the shapes – reflect Danish artists’ traditional and instinctive response to oriental influences.

But it is hard to go past “Indigo” for its clean Scandinavian forms and striking deep cobalt blue graphics. It was designed in 1975 by Anne Marie and was in production until 1985. Read more