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Posts from the ‘Berit Ternell T G Green’ Category

Berit Ternell – Fleur, T.G. Green

This design really stood out to me, and I was surprised to see a T.G. Green backstamp on the back as it looked so Scandinavian in style when I came across it at an auction some time ago (but didn't purchase because of the poor condition of many of the pieces). It turns out the design, labelled "Fleur" is by none other than Berit Ternell

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T G Green Cornishware

T.G. Green & Co was originally founded by Thomas Goodwin Green of Boston, Lincolnshire in around 1864 in an existing pottery in Church Gresley, Derbyshire. Most people immediately recognise T G Green by its now iconic blue and white striped "Cornishware". The pottery however produced hundreds of other designs which are less well known.

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