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Arabia Finland Revontuli

Quite a rare find. This very attractive geometric design is Arabia Finland’s “Revontuli”, produced at Arabia from 1954 – 1963.

The form design is of course classic Kaj Franck, on his “TM” Shape, and the pattern design is by Raija Uosikkinen.

The TM shape was design by Franck in 1948, inspired by a coffee service in made by the Imperial Porcelain Factory of St. Petersburg for Emperor Paul 1 of Russia.

When designing this form Franck did not include a recess in the saucer to hold the cup, which kept the form pure in appearance – and as a consequence the saucer can also be used as a small sweet/cake plate.

Raija designed 3 colour-ways for the series as far as I can find out – Blue, Red and a Yellow Ochre.

Arabia Finland Revontuli

Arabia Finland Revontuli Blue

Arabia Finland Revontuli

Arabia Finland Revontuli Red

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Arabia Finland, Faenza

Until recently I hadnt come across this fantastic design in real life.

This is the blue version of “Faenza”, Arabia Finland 1973-1979.

The very functional, clean lined forms (The EH Series) were designed by Peter Winquist, for which he won an international ceramics design prize.

The decoration/design is by Inkeri Seppälä (better known as Inkeri Leivo) .

The decoration on Faenza came in brown, black, blue and yellow- and the blue is such an intense, vibrant colour – and tends to be the more collectable (and thus expensive version nowadays). As far as I have been able to find out the yellow and black were without any pattern, just the banding.


Arabia Faenza - Blue

Arabia Faenza – Blue

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Jessie Tait – Whispering Grass – Midwinter

What a charming design. This is “Whispering Grass”, by Jessie Tait for Midwinter in 1960.

It is a transfer printed design of the flowering whispering grass, hand coloured in lilac and yellow. As with all of Jessie Tait’s designs – beautifully drafted, detailed, and balanced – as well as sitting so well on the forms.

The hollow ware of all the series is in this very soft but vibrant lilac on the outside – a colour you rarely see on dinnerware. Whispering Grass seems to be quite a rare design, and hard to find now.

For the export market the lilac on the hollow ware was replaced with black instead – but I haven’t been able to locate any images of this variation.


Midwinter Whispering Grass - Jessie Tait

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