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Egersund Norway ’70s Designs

Egersund Norway is one of the Scandinavian makers I come across from time to time, but unfortunately it is not seen in the quantities here Australia compared to that of other Norwegian and Scandinavian producers.

One design from Egersund which I do see from time to time is "Unique"- designed by Kaare Blokk Johansen and in production from 1971-76, just before the closure of Egersund in 1979.

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Dear Subscribers – Some info & further updates

Greetings again, just a quiet reminder to all those WordPress free subscribers, that this site is in the process of converting to a mix of free and paid posts. Until June 1, the fee for all those subscribing to paid content the cost will be just $5AUD per month (cancellable after the first month). After that it changes to $7 per month. Mentioning this as a courtesy simply because I notice only about half the current wordpress subscribers have read the post from last week about this.

And a huge THANK YOU to the number of readers who have already started a subscription after reading last week’s post.

Here are some of the things underway here currently:

From June, each month I will start sending out a newsletter outlining changes to any posts – I am often in the background updating posts with new information and images – so I thought it would be a good idea to let readers know where there are updates.

Exciting news also is that the mystery maker of the Latvian Folk Pottery in Australia has finally been identified!!- and the post on this will be updated later this week.

I have been working away on all the information links in the blog to see they are still working and relevant. This is taking some time because there are over 100. When complete this will all be published on the new “resources” page. It is sad to see though so many very useful websites on c20ceramics have simply vanished over the past few years, making what I have here even more important as a resource.

Soon to appear will be a “recommended” book page – books that I find very useful for c20ceramics and design in general.

Lastly the article on all the variations of Michael Andersen’s Tribal/Negro series has temporarily been taken down due to a problem with formatting – I am in the process of re-writing and re-formating it as there were problems with Google indexing it properly – and it WordPress wasn’t displaying it how it should have – but I have discovered the problem and the only solution is to start over with it. (it seems to be a problem with using galleries on WordPress which I don’t normally use, and only did in this post due to the large number of images)

The next post coming up will be about the Norwegian Pottery, Egursund and its 1970s design “Unique”

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Australian Latvian Folk Pottery - Photo Ray Garrod
Australian Latvian Folk Pottery – Photo Ray Garrod

Denby Harlequin

Denby Harlequin was introduced in by Denby in 1992 and produced until around 2004. Designed by Richard Eaton, Director of Design at Denby

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