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Buchan Stoneware, Portobello Scotland

Brittany Design Coffee Pot, Buchan Portobello Scotland

The quality of Buchan stoneware pottery is superb, and it has a French country or provincial feel to it,  like something you would find in the south of France, but of much higher quality, being fine high-fired stoneware.

It was produced in Portobello – which is now a suburb of Edinburgh, but which was once an important industrial centre and at the same time – holiday resort – side by side.

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  1. Richard Leader #

    Hi Ray
    Interesting article – do you know of there is any record anywhere of the decorators’ marks? (for example I notice a P on a photo above).
    My wife’s late mother was a decorator back in the ’60s and we’d love to get hold of any of the pieces she worked on (I realise they weren’t all initialed) – unfortunately we don’t know her mark. All we have at present are seconds that she decorated with her own designs and signed, rather than using her proper mark


    September 8, 2017
    • Ray #

      Hi Richard, I don’t know of anywhere that decorators marks are recorded. Try initially contacting the Portobello trust linked in the article, and they may be able to point you to someone who might know. Often local libraries and organisations like the trust have been donated the archives from businesses like this…but equally as often sadly they are lost to history. Love to know if you are able to find out any information about this.


      September 8, 2017

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