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Stig Lindberg Aster

Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) was one of Sweden’s most important post war designers who created a number of now iconic 20th Century ceramic designs during his time with Gustavsberg Sweden.

One of the most striking I think is the Aster series of dinnerware he designed – which was released in 1972 in both red and blue variations. It was in production until 1974.

The combination of black outlining of the blue (or red) stylised aster forms really intensifies the boldness and attractiveness of the design. Especially with the contrast against the bright white of the porcelain. This use of black outlining to make a pattern “pop” can be seen in other designs by Lindberg such as “Bersa” (Green and Black)

The Aster series quickly became collectors items and was re-released by Gustavsberg in 2008 – but as with all re-releases, a slightly different pattern with updated forms and shapes. You can compare the original and new releases of the Aster design on the brilliant website of Mother Sweden 


Stig Lindberg Blue Aster, Gustavsberg

Stig Lindberg Blue Aster, Gustavsberg

Stig Lindberg Red Aster, Gustavsberg

Stig Lindberg Red Aster, Gustavsberg – Image via

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