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Annette From

Annette From, Denmark

I come across works by Annette From, Denmark c 1970s and 1980s from time to time, but not much has been documented about her work and life.

Annette was born in 1931 in Denmark, and passed away in 2016. She was active until the day she died.   Annette exhibited widely in Denmark between the 1960s and 1990s – but surprisingly little of her work is seen on the market these days. Some readers of this website have kindly sent me some photos of her work though.

Annette studied at Danmarks Designskole after which she was a enrolled at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen. Her training as a potter was completed in 1951 after having been taught by Nathalie Krebs (Saxbo) and others, and she set up her own studio in 1963.

The thrown forms I have seem made by her are from the 1970s and 1980s, and are solid, well made pieces with uncomplicated glazes. These thrown forms are made with have heavily textured clay as I find with quite a lot Danish Studio Pottery.

Her free-form sculptural pieces pictured below are also interesting, especially when grouped together in different ways – creating different interactions and small sculptural vignettes. While there are only 2 in a group below, they dont appear to have been made as “sets” and any number could be arranged in any manner.

If any readers of this site have work by Annette, I would love to see it – contact me via email or post to the facebook page for the website.

Annette From, Denmark, Studio Bowl

Annette From, Denmark, Studio Bowl

Annette From, Denmark, Studio Bowl

Annette From, Denmark, Studio Bowl , Top View

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