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Midwinter Nurseryware – Jessie Tait

This charming and now very nostalgic looking design is Midwinter "Nurseryware" c1955. Its designer, the incomparable Jessie Tait.

The design is now incredibly rare, and pieces from the series pop up very rarely, but I was fortunate to find a few pieces from the series recently in an auction lot of pottery oddments.

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Jessie Tait – Whispering Grass – Midwinter

What a charming design. This is “Whispering Grass”, by Jessie Tait for Midwinter in 1960.

It is a transfer printed design of the flowering whispering grass, hand coloured in lilac and yellow. As with all of Jessie Tait’s designs – beautifully drafted, detailed, and balanced – as well as sitting so well on the forms.

The hollow ware of all the series is in this very soft but vibrant lilac on the outside – a colour you rarely see on dinnerware. Whispering Grass seems to be quite a rare design, and hard to find now.

For the export market the lilac on the hollow ware was replaced with black instead – but I haven’t been able to locate any images of this variation.


Midwinter Whispering Grass - Jessie Tait

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Midwinter Berkeley

Midwinter Berkeley is a design by Jessie Tait for Midwinter, produced 1969-1974. It is quite a rare design these days. The pattern was produced on the “Fine Shape” Series which Midwinter started in 1962.

The design consists of a band of squares in alternating olive and turquoise, with an alternating centre colour.

The design to me reflects the influence of colour theorist Joseph Albers....who’s work significantly influenced 20th Century Art & Design – including “Op Art”  popular in art, design and culture at the time – and especially big in Britain and Germany.

Midwinter Berkeley

Midwinter Berkeley

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