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Maria Philippi – Soholm Designs

In the previous article you saw some of the fabulous studio work by Maria Philippi. This post is about her work with Soholm Pottery, Bornolm Denmark where she worked 1962-1964 as a designer.

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Maria Philippi – Studio Pottery

The Studio Pottery of Maria Philippi

Many of us know the work and designs of Maria Philippi from her time at Soholm Pottery, Bornholm, Denmark - few know however that this was just a brief period in her career as an accomplished studio potter and designer.

She worked at Soholm from 1962 - 1964, but her designs continued to be produced there into the 1970s.

Dr. Walter Lokau in Germany kindly provided me with some images of Maria's studio pottery from his private collection of which these are just some, plus the brief bio.

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