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Denby Cheviot

This impressive and now very rare design is from the Cheviot range by Glynn Colledge at Denby, mid 1950’s.

I think this is one of the most impressive modernist designs from the hand of Glynn Colledge.  It was released simultaneously with another outstanding series called Tigo Ware, designed by Tibor Reich.

I was fortunate to come across the piece below several years ago on eBay, but haven’t seen a piece since.

Denby Cheviot

Denby Cheviot

Denby Cheviot

Denby Cheviot

Denby Cheviot

About “Cheviot”  the book “Denby Pottery 1809-1997”, Hopwood:

Cheviot was quite different from any of Glyn’s previous work. It reflected his awareness of the latest design trends and demonstrated his flexibility…..Glynn with his love of colour and decoration, could not resist embellishing Cheviot. He created one version with a matt finish, in black, dark grey or khaki, which was covered in finely drawn, abstract sgraffito, often including crystals, stars or simple stylised leaves. A second highly coloured version was glazed in yellow, blue or lilac with black tube lining, or in red or green with white tube lining. Some patterns were geometric, some herring bone and others were organic.

Denby Cheviot

Denby Cheviot – Image via

Below is an image from the Hopwood Denby book, of a group of Cheviot Vases – featuring the most outstanding pieces from the series. Love to get hold of even one of these superb pieces of mid-century design one day!

Denby Cheviot Group

Denby Cheviot Group – Hopwood

Denby Studio 1960s

This impressive looking series called “Studio” was released by Denby c1961 as a dinnerware set with a number accessories or decor items.

It seems pretty uncommon these days, except for some reason the accessories like jugs, small vases etc. which seem to pop up reasonably often.

The forms for this series were designed by Kenneth Clark who also designed the Gourmet range – and this shape was also used for Ode and Echo (a blue version of Ode).

 Kenneth Clark (1922 -2012)

“Took a domestic product that had become boring in its ubiquity and transformed it with technical knowledge and design flair into a vehicle of delight and usefulness. His designs honoured the traditions of studio pottery while incorporating the technical innovations of commercial potteries”

The glaze on studio is a beautiful speckled soft glossy grey with soft edged dark brown vertical lines. Inside the glaze is a glossy cream colour. The glaze would probably have been designed by either Albert or Glynn Colledge.

Denby Studio Tall Jug//Vase

Denby Studio Tall Jug//Vase

Denby Studio Cups – image via MotherMust Etsy

Denby Studio Jug

Denby Studio Jug – via ebay

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Denby Romany

The Denby design “Romany”  is from the 1970’s – but I don’t have an exact date.

Apparently this striking glaze came about from an accidental mixing of the wrong proportions in a glaze recipe – and when it was fired and shown to Glynn Colledge he loved the effects of the glaze with its runs and thicker brown areas on top of the “old gold” glaze…so it went into production as a range.

It has that very 1970’s handmade feel about it, and is yet still contemporary – especially with some of the forms such as the bowl in the first image. Some of the pieces of Romany display lovely colour runs in the glaze, and the colour can vary from piece to piece quite a bit as you can see below – but this all adds to the charm of the design I think.

The Romany glaze has a lovely satiny smooth feel to the touch as well. Denby pottery is also all very tough stoneware – so if cared for it will easily last for decades.

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