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Fratelli Fanciullacci Tapering Vase

I picked up this stunning Fratelli Fanciullacci Tapering Vase recently. A hard to find design….here anyway.

This hand decorated piece has an exquisitely detailed design consisting of bands of sgraffito (drawn lines), a top band of multi coloured glossy flowers, which have been applied thickly like enamel.

There is a green leaf repeat pattern near the base, along with a charming trellis and beautiful little white enamel dots over the piece.

The base glaze has a very luxurious and tactile, sand like texture often found on Fratelli pieces.

Inside it is glazed gloss with a nice touch of a delicate yellow splatter design inside near the top.

This pattern appears in Mark Hill’s book Alla Moda on p124. There seem to be a number of variations of the form. This one tapers from a round base to a rectangular top, and is 21cm tall.

Marked “Italy 8117” to the base.

Fratelli Fanciullacci Tapering Vase, Italy 1950s

Fratelli Fanciullacci Tapering Vase, Italy 1950s

Fratelli Fanciullacci Tapering Vase, Italy 1950s

Fratelli Fanciullacci Tapering Vase, Italy 1950s

Fratelli Fanciullacci Vase, Italy 1950s, Base Shot


Fratelli Fanciullacci Freize Vase

This striking FF vase c1950s came into my hands recently. The piece features a band around the pot of stylised reclining nudes, in the style of ancient Roman friezes.

With each piece of pottery in this design the frieze was hand carved, making each piece different and unique. Other examples of this FF design can be seen in Mark Hill’s book “Alla Moda” on p118.

The frieze has been overpainted with a clear glaze, showing the natural flesh clay colour underneath.

The remainder of the surface is a cream coloured glaze with tightly incised sgraffito lines. Inside is a clear glaze on the naturally flesh coloured clay. It is about 25cm tall.

Fratelli Fanciullacci c1950s

Fratelli Fanciullacci c1950s

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Fratelli Fanciullacci Italy

Fratelli Fanciullacci

The brothers Fanciullacci was prolific Italian pottery, who’s work is starting to become more widely known in the past few years, and is keenly sought amongst collectors.

As a style it is hard to pin down as there were so many styles and produced – on a variety of clay bodies. Also, because most records were lost it is hard to identify designers or artist – except it is known that Aldo Londi worked there prior to going to Bitossi.

Pieces from the FF factory were rarely marked – except for some pieces simply marked FF. Most though will have nothing or simply “Italy” and a number.  After a while however, with experience, pieces by this maker start to stand out from the rest.

Fratelli Fanciullacci "Brick Pattern" Vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci “Brick Pattern” Vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci Ewer Vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci Ewer Vase

The best examples of work seem to be from the 1950s and 1960s.

Mark Hill in his book “Alla Moda” has a comprehensive chapter on FF, with loads of fantastic photos – classified into styles. Because of this “Alla Moda” is one of the best ways to identify a piece of FF.

Fratelli Fanciullacci 1960s/70s Vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci 1960s/70s Ewer Vase

There is a fascinating history of this iconic Italian maker HERE where I have grabbed these edited notes from:

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