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Glit Iceland

Glit Iceland

In the previous incarnation of this website, I had a brief article on Glit Pottery, Iceland. At the time I could not find out much about the maker, except that early Glit works were heavily textured and utilised volcanic lava melted into the glaze as decoration. This early Glit pottery featuring pumice, lava rock and ash was not that well known at that time outside Iceland, but over the past few years has become very collectable.

An exhibition in Iceland in 2103 led to me finding out a lot more about this pottery which you will read below.

The first images below are of a large piece of Glit pottery I had in 2013.

Glit Iceland
Glit Iceland

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  1. Kevin Girling #

    I have recently started collecting Glit ceramics. As you say, there is very little info out there, there are no dedicated books that I can find. Wonderful ceramic designs, and can be had for a reasonable price on eBay.


    April 26, 2021
    • Ray #

      Happy collecting….yes they produced some lovely work, and its great that it can still go for reasonable prices….probably because it is not well known enough yet in general, and hard to identify if unmarked if its something you are unfamiliar with….


      April 26, 2021

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