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Arabia Finland GA Series Teapots

Ulla Procope was the designer of the forms for this now iconic series of teapots by Arabia Finland. It was produced from 1955 to 1972 in a hard earthenware. There were 2 sizes that Im aware of. There were also accessories such as a such bowl and milk jug which you don't see very often now.

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Arabia Finland “Venus”, Hilkka Liisa Ahola

Arabia Finland “Venus”, Hilkka Liisa Ahola

What a stunning design. This is “Venus”, designed by Hillka Liisa Ahola for Arabia Finland c1965.

The design features a mandala like motif in deep blues and aquamarine, resembling batik patterns which were hugely popular at the time. It is very similar to a design Hilkka created for a series of wall tiles 1967-1973.

From what I can find out the series consisted of lidded jars and canisters, and flat cheese boards or trivets. I love the shape of the domed lids with their round handles in this series, which remind me of the forms of Midwinter Stonehenge which came a bit later.

It was in production from 1965 to 1976 and seems to be quite a rare design these days.

Arabia Finland Venus

Arabia Finland Venus – Hilkka Liisa Ahola

Arabia Finland Venus

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Arabia Finland – Hilkka Liisa Ahola

Arabia Finland – Hilkka Liisa Ahola

Arabia Finland designer HILKKA-LIISA AHOLA (born 1920 Helsinki) started with Arabia as a trainee in 1943 and went on to work in the art department there until 1974. During her trainee ship she studied both ceramics and porcelain painting with instruction from Elsa Elenius.

Characteristics of her work are her free, bold and expressive brushstrokes, and many of her designs include the use of blue hued floral motifs. She has also become known for her charming fajance painted pieces depicting romanticised female figures. In 1968 she was awarded Grand Prix, in the Faenza Ceramic Biennale.

The work Hilkka-Liisa which we probably see most often, and is most popular however is her striking sunflower or “aurinkoruusu” design which was produced on a series of dinnerware. It is the only design I have come across in person several times: Read more