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Villeroy Boch Acapulco

Acapulco Trio

Villeroy Boch Acapulco

“Acapulco” released by Villeroy & Boch in 1967  is one the brightest and most colourful dinnerware patterns of the 20th Century, and is still highly popular on the secondary market. The design was in production until 1994.

It inspired many look alike designs by other companies riding on its popularity.

This colourful and now iconic design was created by Christiane Reuter – said to be inspired by paintings she saw on a visit to Mexico.

Villeroy Boch Acapulco Platter
Large Villeroy Boch Acapulco Platter
Acapulco Casserole
Acapulco Casserole

The body or forms the design is on is called “Milano” ,

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  1. Karen Fenton #

    Thank you for the interesting article.
    Do you know if all blue and brown stamp Acapulco dinnerware items are dishwasher safe?


    July 3, 2018
    • Ray #

      Hi Karen – a question I get asked a lot about many different designs. I haven’t seen any Acupulco with a “Diswasher safe” stamp…but even if it was stamped “dishwasher safe” my view is that any collectable (and expensive) dinnerware design like this I wouldn’t recommend putting in a dishwasher regularly – as dishwasher detergent is caustic.


      July 3, 2018

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