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Washington Pottery, Beefeater and Aquarius Designs

How fantastically psychedelic are these plates!

They are from are series of plates called “Beefeater” – There were 6 plates in this series, and there were also 6 round plates, 6 mugs and 6 bowls with the same designs, but much less commonly found.

Recently I found for the first time some of the fabulous bowls and mugs from the series on Etsy – see below. The design would be from the 1960s or early 1970s – it would be great to know the designer but he or she has not been identified.

Similar in style to the Beefeater plates is a series  called “Aquarius” – on the same plate form as Beefeater, and like the Beefeater plates are quite large (Large enough for a whole fish), again with 6 designs in the series.

While the Beefeater ones have a backstamp for the maker as “English Ironstone Pottery Ltd, Staffordshire” the Aquarius plates have “English Ironstone Tableware, by Washington Pottery, Staffordshire”. I  believe that this is the same company as the address is/was the same for both – (College Rd, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire). Washington Pottery operated from 1946-1973 – and it was common for potteries in England to use a variety of different trade marks.

The Aquarius design series are much harder to find than the Beefeater design.

The Beefeater photos below are all from the Flickr page of “Beetle2001cybergreen” – Clicking the images will take you to the Flickr page for each. Other images are attributed below, and if not attributed they are my images.


Beefeater Plate, Washington Pottery, Staffordshire

Beefeater Bowls, Washington Pottery

Beefeater Bowls, Washington Pottery Image via “divineinfrance”Etsy

Beefeater Plate Backstamp

Beefeater Plate Backstamp

Aquarius Plate Backstamp

Aquarius Plate Backstamp

Beefeater Mugs, Washington Pottery

Beefeater Mugs, Washington Pottery – Image via “BrocanteMitchVintage” on Etsy

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Midwinter Roselle

This very attractive pattern is Midwinter “Roselle”, and was produced just before the revolutionary “Stonehenge” series was introduced at Midwinter.

Contrary to what you will read elsewhere, this pattern was designed by Eve Midwinter in 1968 – Not by Jessie Tait. The design is on the popular “Fine Shape” series of forms.

Along with Spanish Garden (by Jessie Tait) Roselle was one of Midwinter’s best selling designs before the introduction of Stonehenge in 1972. It seems to be rarely found here in Australia, but is quite easy to get hold of in the UK.

The delicate border repeat pattern in blues and greens has alternating upright and inverted floral motifs on a bright white background.

The lids and saucers of the design are in a colour somewhere between  Royal Blue and Cerulean Blue.

Midwinter Roselle Midwinter Roselle Midwinter Roselle Midwinter Roselle

Denby Cheviot

This impressive and now very rare design is from the Cheviot range by Glynn Colledge at Denby, mid 1950’s.

I think this is one of the most impressive modernist designs from the hand of Glynn Colledge.  It was released simultaneously with another outstanding series called Tigo Ware, designed by Tibor Reich.

I was fortunate to come across the piece below several years ago on eBay, but haven’t seen a piece since.

Denby Cheviot

Denby Cheviot

Denby Cheviot

Denby Cheviot

Denby Cheviot

About “Cheviot”  the book “Denby Pottery 1809-1997”, Hopwood:

Cheviot was quite different from any of Glyn’s previous work. It reflected his awareness of the latest design trends and demonstrated his flexibility…..Glynn with his love of colour and decoration, could not resist embellishing Cheviot. He created one version with a matt finish, in black, dark grey or khaki, which was covered in finely drawn, abstract sgraffito, often including crystals, stars or simple stylised leaves. A second highly coloured version was glazed in yellow, blue or lilac with black tube lining, or in red or green with white tube lining. Some patterns were geometric, some herring bone and others were organic.

Denby Cheviot

Denby Cheviot – Image via

Below is an image from the Hopwood Denby book, of a group of Cheviot Vases – featuring the most outstanding pieces from the series. Love to get hold of even one of these superb pieces of mid-century design one day!

Denby Cheviot Group

Denby Cheviot Group – Hopwood