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Fratelli Fanciullacci Italy

Fratelli Fanciullacci 1960s/70s Vase

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  1. Lisa Wilson #

    I have a FF vase… I believe Glazed
    It was a gift in 1987.
    Markings are “6533 Italy FF”
    Lovely vase with a Horse, flowers & leaves.


    April 15, 2018
    • Ray #

      Lovely…sounds like one I have in textured pink.


      April 15, 2018
  2. Karen Farlow #

    I have two pieces which I believe to be Fratelli Fanciullacci based on a piece similar identified from ebay. I could forward you a photo of the pieces. If I was able, would you confirm for me that they are by FF. One has a mark ‘607 Italy’ and the other has no mark at all. Thank you in advance. Karen Farlow


    September 12, 2019

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