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Auction Watch 2018.1

On the previous incarnation of this website, I ran a very popular category called “Auction Watch” –  of desirable, collectable or noteworthy ceramic items coming up in auctions around Australia, and around the world.

I have started up this category again on this site, starting with an auction coming up in Melbourne Australia, at Leonard Joel Auctions on 16th April 2018, at 18.30h. The auction is “Modern Design” and has a component of some very smart 20th Century Ceramics.  The whole catalogue can be viewed online here

Below are some of the ceramic items from this auction which have caught my attention:

Italian Pottery Group

Italian Pottery Group c1950s – Leonard Joel Auctions


Italian Pottery Group

Italian Pottery Group c1950s- Leonard Joel Auctions

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Another Fratelli Fanciullacci Find

Its always interesting how things pop up out of nowhere …in multiples.  A few weeks ago I found THIS piece by  Italian maker Fratelli Fanciullacci…and last week I found another from the same series at an auction. Its quite a rare design by this maker and the chance of finding another so soon even rarer.

This quite large bottle form features the same bright and bold cloisonné or stained glass style pattern, hand painted in bright multiple colours, outlined in white tube-lining onto the piece with the same matt brown, oxide washed, brown coloured and carved faux woodgrain pattern.

Inside again is an intense and vibrant lime green gloss glaze. The only difference between the two pieces is the carved treatment which is carried over onto the base with this example.

Fratelli Fanciullacci Fratelli Fanciullacci Fratelli Fanciullacci

A Fratelli Fanciullacci Find

A recent find by Italian maker Fratelli Fanciullacci 

This stunning looking mid-century piece of Italian pottery features a bright and bold cloisonné or stained glass style pattern in multiple colours.

The bright, bold colours are tubelined with white at the top, and there is a rustic matt brown carved pattern resembling woodgrain running down the sides. The brown colour comes from a clay slip applied to the terracotta clay body after being carved.

Inside is an intense and vibrant lime green gloss glaze.

The style of outlining areas of colour is one that Fancuillaci pottery used often, but this particular design seems quite rare – I could only find 2 other examples of it online, and none documented in books that I could find.

Fratelli Fanciullacci

Fratelli Fanciullacci Earthenware Jug

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Fratelli Fanciullacci Italy

Fratelli Fanciullacci

The brothers Fanciullacci was prolific Italian pottery, who’s work is starting to become more widely known in the past few years, and is keenly sought amongst collectors.

As a style it is hard to pin down as there were so many styles and produced – on a variety of clay bodies. Also, because most records were lost it is hard to identify designers or artist – except it is known that Aldo Londi worked there prior to going to Bitossi.

Pieces from the FF factory were rarely marked – except for some pieces simply marked FF. Most though will have nothing or simply “Italy” and a number.  After a while however, with experience, pieces by this maker start to stand out from the rest.

Fratelli Fanciullacci "Brick Pattern" Vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci “Brick Pattern” Vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci Ewer Vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci Ewer Vase

The best examples of work seem to be from the 1950s and 1960s.

Mark Hill in his book “Alla Moda” has a comprehensive chapter on FF, with loads of fantastic photos – classified into styles. Because of this “Alla Moda” is one of the best ways to identify a piece of FF.

Fratelli Fanciullacci 1960s/70s Vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci 1960s/70s Ewer Vase

There is a fascinating history of this iconic Italian maker on this site where I have grabbed these edited notes from:

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