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Olga Osol, Arabia Finland

Arabia Finland "Botnia" Plates

Olga Osol, Arabia Finland

Olga Osol (1905-1994) is not a name that most people are familiar with, but she had an important place in the story of Arabia Finland.

She started with Arabia Finland as  an assistant to artist Greta-Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman in 1926. She worked for Arabia until 1971, and for much of this time was head of the Applied Arts Department.

Her most popular design was Myrna – named after Myrna Loy, American movie star of the 1930s. This traditional floral style design with its heavily gilded rims was produced from 1937 up until 2005.

The only design from Olga I have had in hand is the lovely Botnia from 1968 pictured below. My favourite designs by Olga are those from the 1960s and 1970s like Bellis and Tunturi.

Arabia Finland
Arabia Finland “Botnia” Trio

Some (not a complete list) of Olga Osol’s other designs are:

Anneli, Apila, Kultakoriste, Loisto, Myrna, Hovi, Minerva,

Tammenlehna, Tunturi, Windflower, Bellis.

Arabia Finland

Arabia Finland “Botnia” Plates

Arabia Finland

Arabia Finland “Botnia” Main Plate

Arabia Finland

Arabia Finland “Botnia” Trio

Arabia Finland

Arabia Finland “Botnia” bowl

If you have any designs by Olga Osoal ….love the see them on the Facebook page for this site 🙂

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