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Royal Copenhagen Baca, Shape 3266

Royal Copenhagen 711/3266

I never knew this shape existed until I came across it recently. This tiny little Royal Copenhagen lidded box is from the very popular BACA fajance series in the 1960s. Pieces from this series have become real collectors items, and its easy to see why.

The design is number 711, on shape 3266 – a box measuring a tiny 4.5cm square x 3cm high.

Nils Thorsson designed all the forms for this series, and the 711 pattern on this piece is his design as well.

It has proved to be one of most popular patterns of the BACA series with its lovely textured glaze of green, white and blue hues; and each piece turning out slightly different because of the method of glazing Nils Thorsson developed for this series.


Royal Copenhagen 711/3266

Royal Copenhagen 711/3266 Royal Copenhagen 711/3266

You can read all about this series and its artists in my previous post HERE 

The other form this 711 pattern is seen on is the series of 3 various sized square bottle forms like the one below…..but I have yet to see it on any other forms with pattern 711 except for the bottle and small box form…..If you know of any others I would love to see them.

Royal Copenhagen Pattern 711, Nils Thorsson

Royal Copenhagen Pattern 711, Nils Thorsson


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