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Bjørre Norway

Bjorre Norway

Bjørre Pottery was a shorted lived, but important Norwegian pottery started in 1945 by Gunnar Remen and ceramist Egil Bjørnholt. The name consists of Bjørre Björ from Bjørnholt and re from Remen.

I have only ever come across 1 lovely item by this pottery – a large green patterned bowl pictured below.

Bjorre Keramikk had about 13-15 employees, including 8-10 decorators.

Production at Bjørre consisted of utilitarian and ornamental wares such as urns, platters, vases and pitchers. Most of the designs were quite decorative with charming repeat patterns.

Gunnar Remen traveled around the country with images of the ware, and sales were so good they had to move to larger premises soon after starting.

Sadly the whole production was destroyed by contamination in the imported glaze, and the company had to close down operations in 1951.

There is a facebook group for Bjørre Keramik on facebook HERE where you can see a whole lot more of the fantastic designs.

There is also an archived blog HERE with some more information and historical photos by Pål Matisplassen

Bjorre Norway

Bjorre Norway

Bjorre Norway

Bjorre Norway


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