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Noritake Harlequin

Noritake Harlequin Designs c1953

Noritake Harlequin c1953

This beautiful set of Noritake “Harlequin” demitasse coffee cups is from c1953. I used to see them come up at auctions and online frequently, but they seem to be much more scarce now.

I just love the strong colours and the lusciously thick glaze on this design – and Noritake is one of the few makers who used gold without having it look tacky – to my mind anyway –  even with their totally gold glazed pieces.

It is fantastic how well these colours all go together in different combinations. Something about them also reminds me of children’s painted woooden building blocks from the same era – must be all those primary and secondary colours!

Noritake Harlequin c1953

Noritake Harlequin c1953

Noritake Harlequin -

Noritake Harlequin –

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