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Rorstrand Sweden “Amanda”, Christina Campbell

Rorstrand "Amanda" Bowl

Rorstrand “Amanda” – Designer, Christina Campbell.

Christina Campbell , (b1940) Sweden is a Swedish graphic artist and printmaker. She studied both as a Graphic Designer, and Ceramicist (Konstindustololan avd. Ceramics Gothenburg 1961 – 1965 (now HDK), Grafikskolan Forum Malmö 1968 – 1972). 

She worked for Rörstrand Swedn 1966-1972, where she created the designs: Amanda, Agda, Pyret, Tobias, Klunk, Glunt, Augusta, Mamsell, Laban and Karolina.

I have only recently discovered “Amanda”. The design was in production at Rorstrand from 1968-77.

It is on the same forms as many other designs during this era, and I really like the way Christina uses blue and brown hues together in this design. I also really like the graphic elements on “Amanda” – and how the pattern suits the forms so well. Equally I love the graphic boldness of “Tobias” by Christina.

Since her time at Rorstrand, Christina has mainly devoted herself to graphics and etching. Her work is well represented in Museums and Galleries in Sweden and Denmark, and she has held over 50 exhibitions since the 1970s. You can visit her current website HERE


Rorstrand "Amanda" Creamer & Sugar Bowl

Rorstrand “Amanda” Creamer & Sugar Bowl

Rorstrand "Amanda" Bowl

Rorstrand “Amanda” Bowl

Rorstrand "Amanda" Casserole

Rorstrand “Amanda” Casserole

Rorstrand "Amanda" Casserole

Rorstrand “Amanda” Casserole, Top View

Rorstrand "Amanda" Backstamp

Rorstrand “Amanda” Backstamp

The designs by Christina,  apart from “Amanda” seem to be hard to get hold of, but I did spot 3 of them on Etsy

Rorstrand "Tobian"

Rorstrand “Tobias” Photo “Mintstuudio” Etsy

Rorstrand "Laban"

Rorstrand “Laban” Image “Swedishheritage” Etsy

Rorstrand "Augusta"

Rorstrand “Augusta” Photo “PoesjeNelVintage” Etsy



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