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Eric Juckert, Australia

Eric Juckert - Bud Vase

Eric Juckert  1918-2004, Australia

Eric Juckert was a prolific Australian Studio & Commercial Potter and Artist/Painter who had studied with Una Deerborn in South Yarra, Melbourne. He worked as a potter and painter from around 1949 to 1992 in Victoria.   His pottery was also sold by the department stores Myer and David Jones under the trade name “Jacqueline”.

It is worth reading a well researched biography on his life on the Australian “Rameking” blog HERE  . A selection of his work showing the wide variety of styles he produced can also be seen at the local museum in Cowes, Victoria.

Juckert was a highly skilled potter, and well respected amongst his peers both nationally and internationally. I especially love his use of expert use of glaze colourants and surface texture. Even the smoothest of his glazes have a luxurious, tactile quality about them.

The pieces you will probably come across most often by Juckert in Australia are the small bottles with impressed circle designs, and the white “splatter” glaze commercial ware.

Eric Juckert Bud Vase

Eric Juckert Bud Vase with impressed circles and crackle glaze

Eric Juckert - Bud Vase

Eric Juckert – Bud Vase with impressed design

Eric Juckert - Bud Vase, Manganese Glaze

Eric Juckert – Bud Vase, Manganese Glaze, Impressed Circle Design

Eric Juckert Bud Vase Detail

Eric Juckert Glaze Detail

Eric Juckert Signature

Eric Juckert Signature

Almost all of Juckert’s work is signed with an easily recognisable signature (see photo above), making identification of his work straightforward. Some of the later pieces will have his signature, plus “Phillip Island” inscribed to the base.

Eric Juckert’s commercial works like the one in the photograph below, were mainly made with a white spatter finish, and are incised ‘Juckert’ or ‘Eric Juckert’ to the base. The white spatter finish was very popular in Australia with commercial potteries at the time (1950s)

Eric Juckert - Wall Vase

Eric Juckert – Wall Vase – with white “splatter glaze” Photo via Antiques Reporter Australia

Juckert also produced exquisite studio pieces like the ones below. These are a quite a bit harder to find. The examples below are from Judith Pearce from “Australian Pottery at Bemboka”

Eric Juckert - Jug, Satin Glaze

Eric Juckert – Jug, Satin Blue Glaze – photo by Australian Pottery at Bemboka

Eric Juckert Vase

Eric Juckert Vase – Photo Australian Pottery at Bemboka

  1. Linda Goad #

    My husband and I purchased a blue Juckert bowl in 1975. It has been used regularly over the years and still 44 years later looks just as beautiful as when we bought it. Not a chip in it and we bought it on Phillip Island. I still love it


    February 2, 2019
    • Ray #

      Lovely to hear Linda, Eric’s stoneware is incredibly tough … are the glazes he used. I also love the colours of his works. Much more enduring than almost any commercial pottery you can buy 🙂


      February 2, 2019
  2. Anne #

    I have two blue casseroles and a green speckled vase that I bought from Eric’s little studio at his home in at Ventnor in 1975. The casseroles are in perfect condition, despite being used regularly for many winter meals. In the past 5 years I have realised their true value as ‘art’ so they have been retired from the oven roster and are now displayed under lights inside the glass-fronted overhead cupboards in my kitchen. The vase still regularly holds a cut rose from the bushes in the front garden but it can also sit empty on the buffet as an attractive pottery piece. I still love the three pieces I have and have happy memories of visiting his little gallery every time we went to our beach house on Phillip Island.


    December 14, 2020
    • Ray #

      Thank you for this – great to hear how people appreciate the work of potters in different ways over time 🙂


      December 19, 2020

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