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Lyngby Denmark, Tangent Design

Lyngby Porcelain opened in 1936 in Lyngby, a picturesque town just north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Neils Holst and Christian Knudsen were its original founders, and it was a major supplier of dinnerware to the Danish market from the 1950s until its closure in 1969, after which it was demolished.

At its peak it had over 500 workers -which gives us an idea of the volume of work that they must have produced. Axel Bruel worked there as a designer at its peak as well, and is often (wrongly) attributed as the designer of all patterns. The most iconic series of dinnerware to come out of the Lyngby factory was a series called Danild, consisting of 10 different patterns by different designers.

My favourite is probably Danild 64 – more commonly known as “Tangent”.

Lyngby Tangent Teapot

Lyngby Tangent Teapot

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