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Hornsea Summit

Recently I came across a very smart early Hornsea design in the form of a lidded butter dish. It is from the Hornsea “Summit” series – designed 1960, produced 1962 -1965. It’s designer of course John Clappison.

The summit series was very popular in its day with its modern tapering forms, fluted over the full height of the item with colour inlays of either apricot, turquoise, charcoal or terracotta on a white ground.

The glaze colour in the ridges was applied by hand on bisque fired pieces with a sponge and then wiped off – resulting in glaze colour being left only inside the ridges. The whole piece was then glazed with a transparent glazed and  re-fired to higher temperatures

Pieces in this series will have an impressed stamp on them indicating the form number – this butter dish is 260.

There are 19 forms in the series, consisting of things like cruets, egg cups, sugar bowl, mustard pots, bon bon dishes etc.

One thing that strikes me about these pieces is they are surprisingly fine and delicate for earthenware, which really compliments the fine and beautifully considered design.

Hornsea Summit Butter Dish, Photo Ray Garrod

Hornsea Summit Butter Dish, Photo Ray Garrod

Hornsea Summit Butter Dish, Photo Ray Garrod

Hornsea Summit Butter Dish, Photo Ray Garrod

Hornsea Summit Group

Hornsea Summit Group – Photo via The Sale Room

Hornsea Summit Group

Hornsea Summit Group – Photo via MyPotShots.blogspot

Hornsea Heirloom

Heirloom was Hornsea’s first complete range of tableware, and was designed by John Clappison in 1966 – in production from 1967-1987.

Its distinctive screen printed black pattern, along with the well designed forms, were so hugely successful that from 1968 the entire production at Hornsea was given over to it for a period.

Heirloom – as with other good designs – continues to be popular on the secondary market –  now with a whole new generation discovering it.

The straight sided cylindrical shapes were designed to be stackable and were finished with polished wooden lids and airtight rubber seals. Many of the storage jars/canisters also had the name of the intended contents (flour, sugar etc.) moulded into them.

Items such as the straight sided bowls, egg cups, coffee cups and tea cups were also stackable.

The large rectangular handles on items such as the teapot and coffee pot were beautifully and ergononmically designed – as well as having non drip spout.

The plate-ware was left undecorated except for a series of concentric grooves around the rim.

The colour variations of Heirloom were “lakeland” (a dark moss green), Midnight blue, and Autumn brown. The blue was discontinued early in the production as it was not as popular at the time – however now it is highly sought after and collectable. The Autumn brown is the one I come across most often now here in Australia.

If you want a thorough and well researched history of Hornsea Pottery – I recommend locating a copy of the book “Hornsea Pottery 1949-1989” Brian Heckford & Brian Jakes (out of print, but still around in second hand book stores) ISBN 0 9526828 0 X.

Hornsea Heirloom - Autumn, Coffee Pot

Hornsea Heirloom – Autumn, Coffee Pot

Hornsea Heirloom - Autumn, Cup/Saucer

Hornsea Heirloom – Autumn, Cup/Saucer

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Hornsea “Springtime”

Hornsea Springtime

This striking and now very collectable design is by John Clappison 1964-1965 for Hornsea.

It’s fresh, vibrant, cheerful design I think captures the optimism of the era, and is so much of its time. It has become hard to get hold of these days, and hence relatively expensive if you do come across it.

It was a tableware range decorated with either dark green or orange flowers with pale blue leaves, impressed into a white ground.

The range consisted of canisters, cruets, preserve pots, butter dishes, jugs and coffee mugs as well as other items of tableware.

Some of the items had plastic lids, like the canister in the first image, and others were all ceramic. The lids were either aqua blue or yellow.

.Hornsea Springtime

Hornsea Springtime

Hornsea Springtime

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