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Arabia Finland Valencia

Arabia Finland Valencia, Ulla Procope

Valencia was designed by Ulla Procope in 1960 and became so popular it continued until around 2002.

It is one of the standout designs to come out from Arabia Finland in the second half of the 20th Century.

It continues to be one of the most desirable and valuable (on the resale market) Arabia Finland dinnerware designs.

The design features an intense cobalt blue oxide painted onto a white ground, with the deep cobalt blue covering almost the entire surface.

It was designed in an era when there were a large number of employees decorating products. For example In 1960 there were still 175 employees hand decorating wares. It is unfortunate this labour intensive work is no longer economical – even though the output of each painter every day was huge.

Often other Arabia Finland designs with this strong cobalt blue pattern are confused with, and sold as Valencia – for example Köökki (a design by Gunvor Olin Gronqvist) is one often mistaken as the Valencia design simply because of its bold cobalt blue design.

Like many of these highly patterned designs, it is hard to appreciate the effect of the overall look until you see a whole set of the pieces together, as in the last photo.

Arabia Finland Valencia Sugar Bowl

Arabia Finland Valencia Sugar Bowl

Arabia Finland Valencia Tea Cup

Arabia Finland Valencia Tea Cup

Arabia Finland Valencia Tea Cup

Arabia Finland Valencia Tea Cup base.

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Helle Allpass Denmark

Helle Allpass, Denmark,  (1932 – 2000).

Work by accomplished potters always stands out from the rest. The flat turned piece pictured below I had for several years before I discovered its maker, went on to find out more about her story, and then discovered the lovely bowl by Helle also pictured below.

Helle Allpass trained as an architect initially, but followed a family tradition of pottery soon after.  Her father was Christian Schollert, of Schollert Keramik, and her Grandfather Christian Johansen from Korsør.

Helle started her own studio in 1964 just north of Copenhagen, which became very successful and included her founding of the North Zealand Ceramics association. She lived and worked here for the rest of her life, but sadly suffered from Parkinsons disease from around 1996. Read more