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Jette Hellerøe & Einer Hellerøe, Denmark

Amazonas Design, BR Keramik, Design Einar Hellerøe

Jette Hellerøe + Einer Hellerøe, Denmark

Jette Hellerøe: (b. 1940) Became a ceramist after studying at the Copenhagen school of fine arts in 1960. Her Father was Einer Hellerøe, and Jette worked at her father’s factory before, during and after completing her degree. At her Father’s pottery she also produced work under her own name.

Einer’s studio was called Haslev Keramik, founded in 1940, and was located in Haslev – a town in the southern part of Sjælland/Zealand.( The correct spelling of Einer’s name has been confirmed. It is often seen written as Einar, but Einer is the correct version)

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