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Arabia Finland, Faenza

Arabia Faenza - Blue

Until recently I hadnt come across this fantastic design in real life.

This is the blue version of “Faenza”, Arabia Finland 1973-1979.

The very functional, clean lined forms (The EH Series) were designed by Peter Winquist, for which he won an international ceramics design prize.

The decoration/design is by Inkeri Seppälä (better known as Inkeri Leivo) .

The decoration on Faenza came in brown, black, blue and yellow- and the blue is such an intense, vibrant colour – and tends to be the more collectable (and thus expensive version nowadays). As far as I have been able to find out the yellow and black were without any pattern, just the banding.


Arabia Faenza - Blue

Arabia Faenza – Blue

Arabia Faenza - Brown

Arabia Faenza – Brown , Image via Etsy store “ScandinavianAntique”


Arabia Faenza yellow

Arabia Faenza yellow


Arabia Faenza

Arabia Faenza backstamp

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