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Stavangerflint Norway “Tiril”, Anne Lofthus

Stavangerflint Tiril

Stavangerflint Norway “Tiril”, Anne Lofthus

This charming design has a 1950s look about it I think, but is actually a 1960 design by Anne Lofthus (1932-2003) for Stavangerflint Norway, called Tiril.

You can find out a whole lot more about Anne Lofthus, including most of the patterns which she designed at Stavangerflint, on the  hugely informative Stavangerflint research site HERE 

She was employed at Stavangerflint 1959-1963, and from 1967 worked from her own studio where she was active until the mid 1990s.

The yellow border on “Tiril”  is hand painted, and each piece has a slightly different intensity – partly from fading, and partly from the weight of the brush used when painting. The border on “Tiril” is similar to the style of many of the designs of Rorstrand from around the same time. Anne’s style is often easily recognisable through it’s references to Norwegian folk art and culture.

Stavangerflint Tiril

Stavangerflint Tiril

Stavangerflint Tiril

Stavangerflint Tiril Platter

Below: A variation of this design also came with a bluish green rim ( from the Stavangerflint site linked above )

Stavangerflint Tiril

Stavangerflint Tiril via

Stavangerflint "Tiril"

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