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Arabia Finland “Venus”, Hilkka Liisa Ahola

Arabia Finland “Venus”, Hilkka Liisa Ahola

What a stunning design. This is “Venus”, designed by Hillka Liisa Ahola for Arabia Finland c1965.

The design features a mandala like motif in deep blues and aquamarine, resembling batik patterns which were hugely popular at the time. It is very similar to a design Hilkka created for a series of wall tiles 1967-1973.

From what I can find out the series consisted of lidded jars and canisters, and flat cheese boards or trivets. I love the shape of the domed lids with their round handles in this series, which remind me of the forms of Midwinter Stonehenge which came a bit later.

It was in production from 1965 to 1976 and seems to be quite a rare design these days.

Arabia Finland Venus

Arabia Finland Venus – Hilkka Liisa Ahola

Arabia Finland Venus

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