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Maria Philippi – Studio Pottery

The Studio Pottery of Maria Philippi

Many of us know the work and designs of Maria Philippi from her time at Soholm Pottery, Bornholm, Denmark – few know however that this was just a brief period in her career as an accomplished studio potter and designer.

She worked at Soholm from 1962 – 1964, but her designs continued to be produced there into the 1970s.

Dr. Walter Lokau in Germany kindly provided me with some images of Maria’s studio pottery from his private collection of which these are just some, plus the brief bio. below.

Born 10 September 1927 Hamburg, Died 3rd February 2004 Bad Krozingen

1951-1954 Potter`s apprenticeship with Monika Maetzel in Hamburg
1955-1956 Worked at workshops in Juist and Hamburg
1957-1959 Studied at the Staatl. Werkschule für Keramik in Höhr-Grenzhausen with
Hubert Griemert, master craftsman’s certificate
Worked at the workshop of Otto, Albrecht & Görge Hohlt in Katzbach
1960-1962 Worked as a teacher at the Keramik-Fachschule in Stoob/Austria
1962-1964 Worked as a designer at Soholm AS Bornholm/Denmark
1964-1998 Own workshop at Merzhausen near Freiburg in the Southwest of Germany.

The wheel thrown forms below which Maria created are so beautifully elegant and sophisticated, and the glazes I think are simply breathtaking. What an amazing talent.

Maria Philippi, Porcelain c2000

Maria Philippi, Porcelain c2000

Maria Philippi, Porcelain c1990

Maria Philippi, Porcelain c1990

Maria Philippi, Porcelain, 1980

Maria Philippi, Porcelain, 1980

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Helle Allpass Denmark

Helle Allpass, Denmark,  (1932 – 2000).

Work by accomplished potters always stands out from the rest. The flat turned piece pictured below I had for several years before I discovered its maker, went on to find out more about her story, and then discovered the lovely bowl by Helle also pictured below.

Helle Allpass trained as an architect initially, but followed a family tradition of pottery soon after.  Her father was Christian Schollert, of Schollert Keramik, and her Grandfather Christian Johansen from Korsør.

Helle started her own studio in 1964 just north of Copenhagen, which became very successful and included her founding of the North Zealand Ceramics association. She lived and worked here for the rest of her life, but sadly suffered from Parkinsons disease from around 1996. Read more