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Royal Doulton, Atlantis 1973

Royal Doulton, Atlantis 1973

Royal Doulton released some great dinnerware patterns in the 1970s, and this is one of them.

It is  “Atlantis”, which had quite a short production period from 1973-1978.  To date I haven’t been able to identify its designer – who appears to have designed some of the other designs at Doulton during this period.

It is sometimes referred to by its pattern number “TC 1098”.

“TC” stands for translucent china – and is the first part of the stamp found on dinnerware from 1960 on. It is a translucent white porcelain manufactured without the use of bone ash, and could be manufactured at a much lower cost than that of bone china.

The decorative pattern on Atlantis, with its flourishes and curves reminds me a bit of French Art Nouveau designs by Alphonse Mucha and the like.

The design was complimented with the teapot/coffee pot and other lidded vessels like the casserole dish having a very dark navy blue lid.

I like the shape of the bowls as well with their square line design which is complimented by the addition of a nicely shaped foot detail.

Royal Doulton Atlantis

Royal Doulton Atlantis

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Royal Doulton “Iris”

Royal Doulton “Iris” V1346

Sometimes there are designs which you come across which are simply blindingly beautiful, and this happened   when I saw this design as a set for the first time.

I don’t collect or buy a lot of Royal Doulton, but I do really like some of their series from the first half of the 20th Century, in particular from the Art Deco Era.

This is the era in which Doulton created some outstanding designs which were popular for decades to follow.

The pattern is  “Iris” V1346, which was manufactured between 1937 and 1940 – officially not in the Art Deco Era – but such an archetypal art deco design with its design of an Iris. The angles and forms are also an identifier of the Art Deco era.

The shapes I think are actually very similar to Royal Copenhagen of the same period – like Fensmark and Quaking Grass.

The hand painting on this set is exquisite, as is the use of colour and line. Each piece is like a work of art and it’s fascinating to see how it all fits together – e.g. when the cup is on the plate how the shapes and design relate to each other so well.


Royal Doulton Iris Royal Doulton Iris Royal Doulton Iris Read more

Royal Doulton “Rosslyn”

Royal Doulton “Rosslyn” D5399

After 80+ years Royal Doulton Rosslyn is still a very popular design in Australia.  It is probably because it was so popular in its period – (designed in 1933 but produced for years) as a wedding gift – that many people grew up with either their mother or grandmother having at least a few pieces of the set, if not the whole thing. In this era dinner sets were huge, and usually consisted of over 100 pieces.

What I like about the Rosslyn pattern is its Art Deco look with the stylised floral motif combined which is combined with black line work on a cream coloured glaze. The floral design isn’t over fussy, and has an almost Japanese quality about it.

The black line work also reminds me of the Architecture of that period too and of the Californian Bungalow style (1920-1939) with its black timber work staining in each room (“Japaning” as it was called).

There was also a version of this which instead of the black outline, had an orange outline – but to me that version does not work. The orange line looks lost on the design, which loses its impact because of it.

Below are some images of pieces in this design which have passed through my hands. Royal Doulton Rosslyn Royal Doulton Rosslyn Royal Doulton Rosslyn Read more