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Knud Basse

Knud Basse (1916-1991)

Knud Basse was a Dansish Ceramicist known for his very popular small figures of animals with finely processed matte or “haresfur” glazes.

He was associated with several makers including Michael Andersen & Sons, but his best work came from his workshop in Teglkas-Ronne (on the island of Bornholm Denmark) .

Knud also produced pieces for Danish pottery Palshus.

I have had some of the delightful figurines by Knud in the first few images below: Knud Basse Figurine Knud Basse Figurine

Knud Base Cypher

Knud Base Cypher

Recently I discovered a delightful small form , out of Knud Basse’s own studio on Bornholm, which has a thorn like design and a wonderfully coloured glaze:

Knud Basse Own Studio Vase

Knud Basse Own Studio Vase

The “thorned” design above is similar to a very striking series of larger forms with thorns, which Knud created for Michael Andersen & Sons. These are highly valued, prized pieces to collectors. Read more

Michael Andersen & Sons Pottery, Denmark

Michael Andersen and Sons Pottery (MAS), Bornholm Denmark. 

Michael Andersen & Sons was founded in the 1880s (from an earlier 18th Century Pottery) on the island of Bornholm, Denmark – one of the major centres of Danish pottery production during the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Jens Michael Andersen (1859-1931) who was the founder, had trained at the local Hjorth pottery.

His 4 sons worked in the pottery, and one son, Daniel (1885-1959) developed the iconic “Persia” glaze in 1935, which won an international award. The Persia glaze went on to be used on many designs well into the 1960s.

Persia Glaze Bowl by Marianne Starck, M.A.S. Denmark

Persia Glaze Bowl with design by Marianne Starck, M.A.S. Denmark – The cat designs by Marianne Starck on different forms with a Persia glaze have become very collectable pieces.

Michael Andersen & Sons, Lamp with Persia Glaze

Michael Andersen & Sons, Lamp with Persia Glaze – A simple blue pattern on the Persia glaze like this one seems to show it of to best effect – highlighting the lovely mother-of-pearl crackle of the glaze

It is the “Art Pottery” of the 1950s -1970s which MAS are now best known for worldwide…but I also love some of the Art Deco style designs from the 1930s – although these are harder to find in excellent condition now.

Michael Andersen & Sons, Art Deco Era Bowl

Michael Andersen & Sons, Art Deco Era Bowl

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