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Hjorth Pottery Denmark – Ulla Hjorth

Ulla Hjorth (b. 1945), the daughter of Eric Hjorth (who in turn was great grandson of founder Lauritz Hjorth 1834-1912) started at Hjorth Pottery on Bornholm, Denmark, in 1962 and worked there until its closure in 1992. Along with her sister Marie Hjorth, they were the last operators of the Hjorth Pottery from 1982 until its closure and then development into a museum  in 1992-1995. 

Ulla’s work is beautifully functional and elegant at the same time. I especially love her lidded forms. The decoration she chooses compliments, and is united with the form, and is not merely “surface decoration”. The decoration often consists of a combination of simple geometric forms with beautifully brushed line-work, on top of a simple stoneware glaze. 

Her pottery as far as I am aware is all stoneware, with simple timeless glazes.  

When doing a bit of research for this entry I noticed that the Bornholms Musuem has an updated entry on Hjorth Pottery entitled “The Women at Hjorth’s Factory”. 

In the section on potter Ulla Hjorth it says:

Ulla was educated at the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen in 1969 and is very much into the functional. The factory’s tradition was combined with new impressions from the School of Arts and Crafts. Ulla Hjorth works with stoneware and mainly manufactures utility items in simple, classic shapes and glazes. Her work has been characterized as utility ceramics with qualities beyond the purely practical. “I emphasize that a teapot must be functional and that it is united with the shape” she said.

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Ulla Hjorth Denmark

Ulla Hjorth Denmark – Photo Ray Garrod

Ulla Hjorth Denmark

Ulla Hjorth Denmark – Photo Ray Garrod

Ulla Hjorth Denmark

Ulla Hjorth Denmark – UH signature, along with LHjorth. Photo Ray Garrod

Ulla Hjorth

Ulla Hjorth – Photo via

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