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Ivan Rabuzin for Rosenthal

Ivan Rabuzin ( 1921 – 2008) was a Croatian naive artist, with little formal training, who is said to have been one of the greatest naive style painters of our time. His work gives us a “vision of an eternal spring, untouched, heavenly nature and light with gentle pastel colours and poetic compositions that become a vision of Heaven on Earth” (From the Ivan Rabuzin website) 

In 1976 Rabuzin was engaged by Rosenthal to create a number of  “Art at the Table” designs for their Studio Line series. The shapes or forms these designs were placed onto were series by Hans Theo Baumann, Timo Sarpaneva, and Ambrogio Pozzi…..(I would be interested to know if there are more)

I recently came across one of Rabuzin’s most popular designs he created for Rosenthal Studio Line, called “Moj Dom” – in production 1986-1987.

The design is on a series of forms known as “Duo” by Italian designer Ambrogio Pozzi. The tall elegant vase with the Moj Dom design nicely displays Rabuzin’s style in its muted pastel hues, and a gentle and idealised composition which suits the Pozzi vase form so well. 

The design was a part large dinner service with many components, plus decor accessories. 

Rosenthal - Moj Dom, Ivan Rabuzin.

Rosenthal – Moj Dom, Ivan Rabuzin. Photo Ray Garrod

Rosenthal - Moj Dom, Ivan Rabuzin.

Rosenthal – Moj Dom, Ivan Rabuzin. Coffee Pot – Photo via Paulus Porcelain

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