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Arabia Finland, Esteri Tomula – Aamu, Flora, Botanica

Arabia Finland, Esteri Tomula

This lovely design “Aamu”, Arabia Finland and was designed by Esteri (Essu) Tomula (1920-1988). It was in production 1971-1973.

Such a simple and beautiful design, and so effective in both its boldness and use of that intense blue on white.

If you look closer at the design you can see a range of blue tones and details. The flower petals as well have delicately painted veins on the petals which add to the power of the design.

Arabia Finland Aamu - Esteri Tomula

Arabia Finland Aamu – Esteri Tomula

Arabia Finland Aamu - Esteri Tomula

Arabia Finland Aamu – Esteri Tomula

Arabia Finland Aamu - Esteri Tomula

Arabia Finland Aamu – Esteri Tomula

Essu had a long career with Arabia Finland for 40 years, and produced many designs that are now highly collectable. She started with Arabia in 1947 after graduating from the School of Applied arts (specialising in porcelain painting). She started in the hand painting department and soon moved to the department of applied arts. In the 1960s her designs were also printed on coffee and other enamel ware made my Finell Enamel.

Essu was inspired by the flora of Finland – which was a great match for the illustrational traditions and techniques of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Her technique was often to work with delicate black outlines which were made into transfer prints and then hand painted with areas of colour, easily apparent in designs such as Pastoraali. Read more

Bjorn Wiinblad – Part 1: Nymolle

Bjorn Wiinblad at Nymolle.

Part 1 of a 3 part series of articles on 20th Century superstar designer, Bjorn Wiinblad (1918-2006)

Bjorn Wiinblad was a Danish painter, designer and ceramicist who worked in a wide variety of media including painting, set design, fabric design, and illustration. To most of us however he is known as one of the superstar ceramic designers of the 20th Century.

What attracts me to his work is Wiinblad’s skilful use of expressive line and colour, combined with the whimsical nature of his work which always makes you smile.  Wiinblad’s work is unlike any other. His style of expression is highly personal, and has a touch of the oriental and exotic about it.  It is hard to think of another illustrator or ceramic designer who comes close to Wiinblad in either quality, originality or output.

Early in his career Wiinblad worked mainly in graphics and illustration, but the turning point came when he got the opportunity to work more on his own ceramics in the studio of ceramicist Lars Syberg in Tastrup near Copenhagen. He held his first public exhibition in 1945 – the exhibition was quite a mixed bag of ceramics, portraits, and children’s books – including a complete illustrated edition of “Aladdin”.  This exhibition proved to be the jumping point for his career, as through it he became known to Jacob Bang who had just been promoted to the position of Art Director of Nymolle Pottery, and eventuated with Wiinblad starting work with Nymolle in 1946.


At Nymolle Wiinblad produced exquisite and highly detailed pen and ink drawings which were printed onto a wide range of pottery items – usually in just one colour – with Black, Red and Blue being the most commonly used.

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