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Ejvind Nielsen, The Sun Chariot

Ejvind Nielsen, The Sun Chariot

I have written about Danish Potter Ejvind Nielsen previously HERE. He is well known for his beautiful stoneware animal wall plaques. I recently discovered this fascinating wall plaque by Ejvind Nielsen.

It is a depiction of the Bronze Age “Sun Chariot” – a very important Danish cultural icon, held in the National Museum of Denmark

I am guessing that this particular item would have been produced by Nielsen in the 1960s – but I have never come across it until now. It measures about 28cm wide x 20cm and has one of Nielsen’s often used brown glazes, but it is the lovely textured backbround that makes the design stand out so well.

The Sun Chariot was found in September 1902, when the former bog Trundholm Mose in northwestern Zealand was ploughed for the first time. The Sun Chariot was made in the Early Bronze Age around 1400 BC. The elegant spiral ornamentation that graces the golden sun disc reveals its Nordic origin. The Sun Chariot illustrates the idea that the sun was drawn on its eternal journey by a divine horse. A sun image and the horse have been placed on wheels to symbolize the motion of the sun. (National Museum of Denmark) 

Wikipedia also has an interesting entry about the Sun chariot HERE. 

Ejvind Nielsen, Denmark, Sun Chariot

Ejvind Nielsen, Denmark, Sun Chariot

The Sun Chariot is such an important Danish cultural icon that it is also featured on the Danish 1000Krone bank note released in 2011.

In the late 1950s, the Danish government commissioned Georg Jensen to precisely recreate the Sun Chariot in the original materials.

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Ejvind Nielsen Pottery, Denmark

Ejvind Nielsen 1916-1988, Denmark.

The work of Ejvind Nielsen has become highly sought after amongst collectors, and while you will find a number of pieces by Ejvind Nielsen for sale around the place, it is hard to find out much about him or his work.

What I have found is this though:

It is not clear where he had his apprenticeship – but he did spend some time in England in the 1930’s, and then in Spain as a volunteer after the Civil War.

Ejvind opened his own pottery in 1943 in Hvidovre, Denmark and it ran through until 1978 – but had enough stock to keep the shop open until the mid 1980’s. Sadly the pottery is no longer there, and a new house stands on the block.

Ejvind Nielsen, Jar Form

Ejvind Nielsen, Jar Form

Ejvind Nielsen, Signature

Ejvind Nielsen, Signature

Opening during the War meant supplies were quite short – so it seems he worked for a time at Royal Copenhagen under Thorkild Ohlsen, where he also met his wife Lizzi.

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