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Ejvind Nielsen Pottery, Denmark

Ejvind Nielsen 1916-1988, Denmark.

The work of Ejvind Nielsen has become highly sought after amongst collectors, and while you will find a number of pieces by Ejvind Nielsen for sale around the place, it is hard to find out much about him or his work.

What I have found is this though:

It is not clear where he had his apprenticeship – but he did spend some time in England in the 1930’s, and then in Spain as a volunteer after the Civil War.

Ejvind opened his own pottery in 1943 in Hvidovre, Denmark and it ran through until 1978 – but had enough stock to keep the shop open until the mid 1980’s. Sadly the pottery is no longer there, and a new house stands on the block.

Ejvind Nielsen, Jar Form

Ejvind Nielsen, Jar Form

Ejvind Nielsen, Signature

Ejvind Nielsen, Signature

Opening during the War meant supplies were quite short – so it seems he worked for a time at Royal Copenhagen under Thorkild Ohlsen, where he also met his wife Lizzi.

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