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Ditlev Denmark, 1967 Catalogue

Ditlev Denmark, 1967 Catalogue

Im very attracted to the smooth streamlined forms which Dane, Henrik Ditlev created on dark chocolate brown clay, along with his superb glaze colours.

Much of what he produced was designed for serving food – dinnerware, teapots, plate-ware, coffee pots, serving dishes and so on. Ditlev pottery was so well made and thrown, with tough glazes and superb quality clay – that when you come across it now, some 50+ years later – it is often still in excellent condition.

Interestingly, the type of plate and serving wares he produced is very much in vogue currently in top end Restaurants around the world. ( See my previous entry for  Ditlev HERE ).

Recently I found in a 1967 Den Permanente Catalogue (which the Royal Danish Library has digitised here) a whole range of Ditlev pieces which were sold through Den Permanente in Copenhagen. These digitised catalogues are such a great resource, especially when trying to identify a date of production and how a whole production series fitted together.

Ditlev Denmark, 1967 Den Permanente Catalogue

Ditlev Denmark, 1967 Den Permanente Catalogue

Ditlev Coffee Pot

Ditlev Coffee Pot – photo via “modapple” etsy – listed as item “d” in the catalogue page above.

Ditlev Denmark, 1967 Den Permanente Catalogue

Ditlev Denmark, 1967 Den Permanente Catalogue

Ditlev Denmark - Small bowl or Ashtray

Small red bowl, or ashtray – appearing in the catalogue entry above in 3 sizes.

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Herluf Gottschalck-Olsen – Den Pemanente

Herluf Gottschalck-Olsen – Den Pemanente

I have been slowly going through the digitised catalogues of Den Permanente, Copenhagen – held by the Danish Royal Library HERE 

In the 1967 Catalogue I was interested to find some works by Herluf Gottschalck Olsen, who’s work is not widely known nor well documented. Read more about him in my previous post here. 

During his relatively brief life he obviously had a profile, and was viewed as an accomplished potter to be able to have work for sale through the juried process of Den Permanente.

It’s good to be able to slowly build up an image library of works of this Danish Potter who could have so easily been lost to history.

Works by Herluf Gottschalck Olsen

Works by Herluf Gottschalck Olsen, Den Permanente Catalogue 1967, Royal Danish Library


Herluf Gottschalck Olsen

Works by Herluf Gottschalck Olsen in the Den Permanente Catalogue 1967 – Royal Danish Library – Full Page

I also found another piece by Herluf on the online Danish auction site “DBA” from 2012: Read more

Den Permanente, Copenhagen

Den Permanente, Copenhagen

Den Permanente was a very important and relevant Danish Design & Craft store in Copenhagen which operated from the 1930s to the late 1980s. It is particularly relevant to this site as many of the Potters written about here exhibited and sold work at Den Permanente.

The idea for the store was that of Kay Bojesen, a Danish silversmith – but probably today best known for his wooden monkey design. It became a commercial reality when the idea was developed by Christian Grauballe, director of Holmegaard in 1931.

Den Permanente operated as a “Permanent Exhibition of Danish Arts” and promoted the very best in modern Danish design and craft. A large range of objects were sold including furniture, glassware, lighting, ceramics, jewellery and textiles.

Den Permanente, Copenhagen

Den Permanente, Copenhagen, Photographer J.C. Raulston 1972

Items for exhibition and/or sale were chosen after  being assessed by a “Jury” and the managing board. There is a fascinating explanation of the process and more written in 1965 by its director Esbjorn Hoirt which can be read HERE

The store was important not only in Denmark for promoting Danish Design, but world wide. Den Permanente took part in several international exhibitions including the Milan Triennales of 1951-1960;  a 1954-1957 exhibition in the U.S. called “Design in Scandinavia” ; “Formes Scandinaves” in Paris 1958; Neue Form aus Denmark Germany/Austria 1957; and “Arts of Denmark” in the U.S. 1960-61.

It is fascinating to be able to read old catalogues from Den Permanente, and the Royal Danish Library in its fascinating Digital Collections has several Den Permanente catalogues which are well worth looking through. Many of the Danish Ceramicists written about on this site have work in the Catalogues. It is fascinating to see works by people such as Bjorn Wiinblad, Ditlev, Helle Allpass, Palshus and many many more.

There don’t seem to be many photographs of the actual store online, but there are several in the archives of the JC Raulston Arboretum at NC State University, United States, which is where the first 4 images are from.



Den Permanente, Copenhagen

Den Permanente, Copenhagen, Photographer J.C. Raulston 1972

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