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Fratelli Fanciullacci Freize Vase

This striking FF vase c1950s came into my hands recently. The piece features a band around the pot of stylised reclining nudes, in the style of ancient Roman friezes.

With each piece of pottery in this design the frieze was hand carved, making each piece different and unique. Other examples of this FF design can be seen in Mark Hill’s book “Alla Moda” on p118.

The frieze has been overpainted with a clear glaze, showing the natural flesh clay colour underneath.

The remainder of the surface is a cream coloured glaze with tightly incised sgraffito lines. Inside is a clear glaze on the naturally flesh coloured clay. It is about 25cm tall.

Fratelli Fanciullacci c1950s

Fratelli Fanciullacci c1950s

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