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Zeuthen Ceramics

Zeuthen Keramik was founded in 1946 at Gentofte, near Copenhagen, by Normann Zeuthen. It traded under the named Zeuthen Keramik from 1948. The workshop employed around 10-15 people at its peak. Some of the known potters who spent some time there in the apprenticeship system in its early years were Ady Kroyer and Birte Vedel Howard who both went on to have successful careers as potters in Denmark.

Zeuthen pottery has become well known for its functional and domestic works in red clay decorated with motifs of flowers, stars, dots and other decorative motifs in white raised glaze or slip trailed glaze on the unglazed smooth red clay. Going by the amount of Zeuthen work still available online and in antique stores their output was very high….and very popular to this day.

Pieces from Zuethen are simply signed “Zuethen Denmark” in blue to the base. Sometimes you might find a printed paper label as well.

I haven’t been able to find a date for when the pottery ceased operating – any help with this appreciated.

Edith Nielsen was the primary designer at Zeuthen responsible for this distinctive style which became the Zeuthen style.

Zeuthen Denmark

Zeuthen Denmark, Large Vase

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Birte Vedel Howard

Birte Vedel Howard (b1932 – ), Denmark

I have had this interesting stoneware coffee pot for several years and have only just got around to doing a bit of research on its origin.

I had put it aside out of an auction purchase of a box of miscellaneous pottery, because something about it really stood out – the colour, form and glaze showed to me it was not made by an amateur.

My research shows that it turns out to be a piece by Danish Potter & Artist, Birte Vedel Howard.

Her husband Frank Howard also worked with Birte in her pottery for a while.

This piece appears to be from the late 1960s or 1970s to me.

Birte Vedel Howard, Denmark c1960s

Birte Vedel Howard, Denmark c1960s

Birte Vedel Howard, Denmark c1960s

Birte Vedel Howard, Denmark c1960s

Birte studied in Aarhus 1947, and The Danish Royal Academy of Art in 1948.

She worked at Zeuthen Ceramics 1949-50, Riet Ceramics Laholm (Sweden) 1951, Knud Jensen workshop 1950-1953 – and then travelled widely in Morocco, France and Turkey 1954-1962.

On return to Denmark she started her own workshop in 1962, and in 1982 moved to an abandoned brickworks, Katrinedal Teglværk, in Bryrup (near Aarhus) surrounded by nature which inspires imagination and her work. Read more