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A Few Changes to the Website

The introduction of paid subscriber posts to c20ceramics along with the continuation of free posts.

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Homemaker – Enid Seeney – A 20th Century Classic

"Homemaker" A design by Enid Seeney (1931-2011) has become a 20th Century Design Classic.

Homemaker was designed in 1957 by Enid Seeny and Tom Arnold for Ridgway and was sold through Woolworth's. It had a long production run and was still made as late as 1968 such was its popularity.

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Villeroy & Boch Cadiz

Villeroy & Boch “Cadiz” was produced by the Luxembourg Faiencerie c1970 until end of 1984. It is a beautifully decorative design in blue and yellow on a white ground reminiscent of Spanish and Portuguese ceramic tiles (Azulejos) 

The elegant and streamlined forms are from the “Milan” series of shapes designed by Ludwig Scherer – The shapes used with several other popular Villeroy Boch designs in this era – such as Acapulco, Izmir & Granada amongst others.

The very attractive repeat pattern in blues and yellow on white is of course another by Christiane Reuter. Christiane joined Villeroy Boch in the 1960s as their chief designer and continued there for decades – but I have been unable find out much about her work, including a comprehensive list of her designs.  ( I did have a German text document about her work, sent to me by a reader of this site many years ago, but frustratingly cant now locate it)