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J. Ruth, Ruth Faktor//Faktorowicz

J Ruth Wall Plaque

J. Ruth, Ruth Faktor//Faktorowicz

I found two charming ceramic plaques at auction earlier this week.

I’m always attracted to ceramic plaques, and these have such lovely glaze colours as well a strong Modernist look… which is what first drew my eye to them.

They are by Israeli ceramicist Ruth Faktorowicz, who signs her work J. Ruth.  She was born in 1937, and studied under Israeli ceramicist Zohar Guri, who’s Modernist style clearly influenced Ruth’s style. Ruth also studied at the Ramat-Gan Art School 1973-1975.

J. Ruth’s work often depicts themes of peace, family and friendship, and also the townscapes of Israel. You can see more of here work on this U.S. based gallery site.

(Above is re-published  from my original RetroPotteryNet website article 24.07.2014 and has been plagiarised word for word and re-published at least once that I am aware of.  Readers are reminded that all of the information on this site , previously is subject to copyright law. In most cases I am happy with simple attribution, but please do the right thing and contact me first)

J Ruth Wall Plaque

J Ruth Wall Plaque

J Ruth Wall Plaque

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