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Soholm Cactus Design Vase

Hello! . This website is run solely by me – Ray Garrod – and I am located in Adelaide, South Australia.

The site consists of histories, stories and information about selected Vintage & Mid 20th Century Ceramics – mainly from Denmark, Scandinavia, U.K. & Australia, New Zealand.

My areas of interest include many of the major commercial brands and well known studio potters, but Im also fascinated by the smaller producers and potters who were often unrecognised during their lifetime. I think it is especially important that the stories of lesser known potters and potteries is documented before being lost to time and history.

I also believe that well designed commercial pottery and dinnerware is as equally important culturally and sociologically as studio pottery – and they each have their role and purpose and place in our society.

© All original content and photos on this site are copyright protected by me or the respective owners. Please contact me before re-posting any of this content elsewhere. Feel free to share our images on Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook using the linking widgets.  

This is not a shop front, so please do not contact me for “pricelists”, “catalogues” etc. I have a store on Etsy where you will find quite a variety of 20th Century ceramics – link is in the right hand column, or HERE:

I do not do valuations, identifications of unknown makers, or estimated values of items and will not respond to queries asking for these.  Try your local auction house, or have a look at Etsy, Ebay etc and you should be able to get a good idea of values there, and this is a good starting point to identify items as well. 

This site is a further evolution of the site I started in 2009 called Retro Pottery Net , which attracted over 1.5million readers until November 2016. The posts from Retro Pottery Net, are being moved over to this site gradually and collated, updated and added to. It is by no means a definitive catalogue or history of 20th Century Ceramics – but simply a work in progress of designs and makers I have encountered, from pieces which have passed through my hands either as a collector or as a re-seller of 20th Century Ceramics.

Much of the content here has also come from generous readers keen to share little known information which has enabled me to build a picture of some of the lesser known or less documented makers of this era, and in some cases designers and potters that would have otherwise been lost to history.

As a bit of background:

I began my career as an Art Teacher in the late 1970s, after having studied at what is now the University of South Australia. I taught Art & Design, Ceramics, and Art History to both secondary school and adult students for a number of years before following a number of other creative interests. My main passion and interest however, has always been in Ceramics – whether writing about it, making it or collecting it.

I have a particular interest and passion in mid 20th Century ceramics – especially that from Denmark, United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries.

Contact & Questions: 

I often get questions about the safety of using vintage lead glazed pottery for cooking and eating. Lead was used in a lot of pottery until its use was outlawed in many countries in the 1960’s and 1970s (but it is still used in some countries). There is a lot of useful information about the use of lead glazed pottery and glassware and related information on an Australian Government website HERE 

For anything else not covered in the website, use the contact for below.  A lot of historical information I have gathered over time was provided by my readers – for which I am ever grateful.

If you notice an error somewhere, please also let me know.


This site costs money to run – domain fees, hosting fees, and the time it takes to respond to all the queries it attracts.
If you appreciate or find the information useful on this website, consider making a small financial contribution to assist with the running costs and research, by following the secure PayPal link below. You have full control over the amount you nominate.

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Updated December January 2023


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