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Inger Waage – Stavangerflint – “Darling” Design

The ceramic designs and patterns of Inger Waage (1923-1995) are some of the most recognised of Norway along with those of Turi Gramstad Oliver. They stand out as now iconic mid-century modern and are highly sought after by collectors and lovers of good design around the world.

Inger Waage attended the Norwegian Crafts and Art Industry School in Oslo, studying ceramics between. 1943 – 1946. Following this she worked in her own pottery in Stavanger 1943-1946, and then worked at Stavangerflint from 1953 to 1979 with an extraordinary output of designs.

Rather than me re-writing what has already been researched and published about her work – the best place to find out more about her work is on the beautiful and very comprehensive website created by Ole Gustavsen and Jan Gjerde in Norway here where you can see her works divided into its 5 main groups: Hand-painted pieces, Tableware designs, Souvenir designs, One off pieces, and Works from her own pottery.

I don’t come across Inger’s Waage’s work often, but when I do it stands out like a beacon. Recently I found a bowl pictured here from the “Darling” series design by Inger in 1962. The series features either a male motif, female motif or both male/female together, or fruit motif on different pieces. The pattern is a combination of hand-painted and silkscreened design. You can see others of the designs in this series in Ole’s web page for “darling” HERE

Inger Waage Stavangerflint "Darling"

Inger Waage Stavangerflint “Darling” Photo Ray Garrod

Inger Waage Stavangerflint "Darling"

Inger Waage Stavangerflint “Darling” Photo Ray Garrod

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Bjørre Norway

Bjørre Pottery was a shorted lived, but important Norwegian pottery started in 1945 by Gunnar Remen and ceramist Egil Bjørnholt. The name consists of Bjørre Björ from Bjørnholt and re from Remen.

I have only ever come across 1 lovely item by this pottery – a large green patterned bowl pictured below.

Bjorre Keramikk had about 13-15 employees, including 8-10 decorators.

Production at Bjørre consisted of utilitarian and ornamental wares such as urns, platters, vases and pitchers. Most of the designs were quite decorative with charming repeat patterns.

Gunnar Remen traveled around the country with images of the ware, and sales were so good they had to move to larger premises soon after starting.

Sadly the whole production was destroyed by contamination in the imported glaze, and the company had to close down operations in 1951.

There is a facebook group for Bjørre Keramik on facebook HERE where you can see a whole lot more of the fantastic designs.

There is also an archived blog HERE with some more information and historical photos by Pål Matisplassen

Bjorre Norway

Bjorre Norway

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Elle Keramikk, Norway

The Elle Keramikk AS studio/factory operated in Norway near Oslo between 1942 and 1967. They produced a wide variety of pottery, but have become best known for their beautifully decorated, patterned fajance pieces. I used to come across the odd piece from time to time, but haven’t in a very long time now.

If you want to learn more about this charming pottery, go to the blog Elle Keramikk ,written by Trond Rødli (you will need to use an online translater platform for English).

Trond’s website has a comprehensive amount of information from years of collecting Elle pieces. The information includes many of the signatures, labels and hundreds of wonderful examples of Elle Keramik from this distinctive Norwegian Pottery.

Below are a few examples I found on Etsy. I can not locate the few archived images I had some years ago.

Elle Norway

Elle Norway via “Coolect” on etsy

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