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Figgjo Norway, Market Design

Figgjo Norway, Market

Figgjo Norway, “Market” was designed in 1963 by Turi Gramstad Oliver, straight after she had designed Lotte. Each shape of the Market series features a different scene of characters at food markets dressed in folk style costumes.

The colours are hues of green and yellow on a white ground. It was in production from 1966-1980.

In its era, Market was as popular as the Lotte design, but the most admired design of the two now, 60 years or so later, seems to be Lotte. Both Lotte and Market have a similar look and feel to them with their quirky and delightful characters, costumes and settings.

Figgjo "Market" Design Cups

The design on every form is different, as is the case with Lotte. I haven’t yet come across a complete list of the forms in these series, but I continue to find a shapes that are new to me. Figgjo of this era was exported worldwide in large numbers – and especially to Australia, the U.S. and Canada where designs such as Market and Lotte are still very popular on the secondary market – but now to a whole new generation. Read more

Figgjo Lotte – Turi Gramstad Oliver

"lotte"is a dinnerware service designed by Turi Gramstad Oliver, is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable and iconic Scandinavian patterns of the mid 20th Century.

Read more